How to use a self-laminating tag
Self-laminating tags have a lot of differences, from size to function, but they have a few things in common. Good self-laminating tags have an adhesive, translucent, 2-mil polyester flap that’s secured to backing, making a v-shape�span class="read_more"> Read more

What are self-laminating tags?

Material assets of all sorts, and in nearly every type of business, need labeling. Self-laminating tags make an excellent choice �they’re more durable than plain cardstock tags, and harder to deface, too. Some examples of self-laminating tag usage:

In education, students often tag their projects and possessions, while teachers and support staff might tag items like projectors, spiral notebooks, or even their students�assignments. Self-laminating tags are harder to remove than they look, making them perfect for standing up to the everyday abuse that plagues classrooms everywhere.
Self-laminating tags are put to good use in construction - they mean that lock-out/tag-out procedures don't have to be expensive to implement. Since material assets are always in danger of being damaged at worksites where building or maintenance are going on, these workers typically repliche orologineed tags with a little more durability without having to go to more trouble or spend extra cash �so self-laminated tags are perfect. Workers can use these tags to mark pipes and cables, too, making them perfect behind-the-scenes contributors anyplace where building is going on.
Tags like these can do wonders for asset management, too. There are times when small, rectangular asset tags just don't work, and in those cases, you can always write a serial or asset tag number on a self-laminating tag and tie or clip it to the item in question.
These tags work well for antique stores or other retail locations that need price information printed clearly and prominently. Companies selling heavy-duty hardware that's already out of the box can benefit from these tags, too.
Because self-laminating tags can be color-coded, they're handy in industries where items might be difficult for laypeople to tell apart, like at lumbermills.
So self-laminating tags are workhorses across numerous industries. Once the polyester is stuck to the vinyl tag face, it's there for good. We've tested laminated tags by leaving them in an intermittent water supply for years at a time, and they've not only survived, the writing on the face was unaffected.


Custom Self Laminating Tags

These tags are nearly impossible to change once they’ve been written on �making sure you’re the one who writes the price on the tag!

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