How to use a self-laminating tag
Self-laminating tags have a lot of differences, from size to function, but they have a few things in common. Good self-laminating tags have an adhesive, translucent, 2-mil polyester flap that’s secured to backing, making a v-shape… Read more

Get creative with blank self-laminating tags

Out of every 1,000 flights taken in the United States, between five and ten items of luggage are lost, depending on the airline. The vast majority is taken when one passenger mistakes another’s luggage for their own. One way to reduce the likelihood of having to make an emergency run to Wal-Mart to buy fresh socks and underwear? Tag your items carefully, and with a durable, brightly colored tag. A distinctive laminated bag tag with your own mark on it will mean your things will be much more likely arrive when you do (and not end up in the back of someone else’s taxi). Anything that makes the tag more distinctive will help, so a distinctive drawing or image on the tag will help.
The same advice goes for kids gone camping. Trying to keep track of a child’s stuff is hard enough when there’s just one of them around – but put together a few hundred, all of whom may suddenly be finding themselves responsible for their own possessions in a way they never have been before… it’s a recipe for lost things. Self-laminated tags will help ensure that the equipment, clothes and sleeping bag you send your child off to camp with will come home (or at least as much of it as can be managed).

There’s a serious side to blank tags, too. Custom tags go with custom work, so in any field where you have information that might fall well outside the boilerplate, you can write in whatever information you might need on blank tags. Some are larger than others – and you’ll probably be surprised how much information you can fit onto a 3 ½” x 6” tag.

Self-laminating tags come with a diverse set of possible fittings. Fiber optic cables need to be bundled with particular care, for example, so tying them with vinyl ties in conjunction with slotted holes solves the problem. Other tags may need to be tied on in more than just one place, so there are self-laminating tags with an eyelet in each corner, giving the user flexibility.


Blank tags are handy for reminders that last.


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