How to use a self-laminating tag
Self-laminating tags have a lot of differences, from size to function, but they have a few things in common. Good self-laminating tags have an adhesive, translucent, 2-mil polyester flap that’s secured to backing, making a v-shape�span class="read_more"> Read more

Advantages of blank self-laminating tags

You don’t need special laminating equipment for self-laminating tags �in fact, all you need is a pen or pencil and an idea! These low-maintenance tags are perfect soldiers �they’re easy to put to any use you can think of, and they’re built to last. Whether you need them for passes at your school, for high-value equipment inspection tags on your worksite, or to mark your luggage on your trip around the world, self-laminating tags show you’re thinking.

Some advantages of self-laminating tags:

Believe it or not, pencils are put to excellent use on self-laminated tags that sit outside. Ink from permanent pens tends to degrade over time when exposed to light and weather, but the graphite from a pencil doesn't when it's sealed behind the clear vinyl rolex replicas relojes of one of these tags - pencil actually lasts longer than pen. So if you've had a box of No. 2 pencils gathering dust in an obscure closet at work, get it out to mark these tags.
Blank tags can be stamped as well as written on, and you can even write on the layer of vinyl laminate in dry-erase marker, so you can employ a combination of permanent and temporary text on your tag if need be. This comes in handy if your tags have boxes that can be checked and erased.
A good tag will have an eyelet or eyelets reinforced with metal. Provided you tie the tag on snugly enough with a plastic or metal tie, it's not at all easy to remove, making it a good option if you're faced with vandalism or defacement.
Laminating by hand can be arduous and ineffective. The vinyl in a self-laminating tag moves down from the joining point, and since it's slightly rigid, it's unlikely to leave the air bubbles or deformations common to hand-cut plastic coating or laminating machines.
Laminated Blank Tags

This tag means you never have to count the contents of those boxes ever again�/em>


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