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  How to use a self-laminating tag
Self-laminating tags have a lot of differences, from size to function, but they have a few things in common. Good self-laminating tags have an adhesive, translucent, 2-mil polyester flap that’s secured to backing, making a v-shape�/span>
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What are self-laminating tags?
Material assets of all sorts, and in nearly every type of business, need labeling. Self-laminating tags make an excellent choice �they’re more durable than plain cardstock tags, and harder to deface, too�br />
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  Self-laminating calibration labels
Behind the scenes of businesses from energy providers to automotive repair, highly sensitive equipment like curve tracers, tachometers and pressure gauges need routine calibration to make sure they’re ready for duty�/span>

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Protect your message �laminate it!
If you’ve gone to the trouble of writing up tags that you know you’re going to reuse, the last thing you want is for them to fall apart right away. Self-laminating tags solve this problem by allowing you to write on textured vinyl in pencil, marker or pen, then just peel the backing off a vinyl slip and apply even pressure for an instantly durable tag. Self-laminating tags are a bright idea for construction businesses, schools, lockout procedures, inspections and even outdoor uses.

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